Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Review


Warning there are spoilers if you have not seen the movie or read the book do not read on!

I went into this movie with an open mind. I was not a huge fan of the last book or the last movie. I was bored by both. My reasons for not liking the book will come at a later time. To me part 1 and part 2 fell flat for me.


The great things were that it was action packed and they stuck pretty well with the book but it was not enough for me to love it. The action sequences were done well and it kept me excited and intrigued to find out how they did the next trap when they were going into the city.

What bothered me was the cheesiness of the some of the lines and the lack of emotion. I felt nothing when Prim and Finnick died. They just kind of happened and that was that. I hated that there was 20 minutes left of the movie and Katniss finally break downs over her sister. Her sister was her world in the books, but it just came across like she didn’t care. Also when she said goodbye to Gale, I didn’t realize she was saying goodbye forever. And the epilouge felt silly to me which takes me back to the cheesiness.

Overall I give the movie a 3/5 stars. With better editing and scriptwriting this movie had potential to be amazing, but I just felt disappointed.

Have you seen the movie yet, if so what are your thoughts on it?

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