Shadowhunters Premire Review


It is finally here! Shadowhunters has finally aired and I was not exactly dissappointed but I was not over the moon for it. I will continue watching just to see what happens and where they go with it. But lets break things down.

Clary- I like Katherine McNamara. I really felt for her when she came into the loft after her mom was taken. Although I think she has room to grow as an actress and some of her lines were super cheesy. Can they please get better writers?

Jace- Dominic Sherwood looks like Jace, but nothing he did made me believe that he was Jace. Jace is my favourite character and this is what I get? He felt disconnected when he was delievering his lines. I know that he is British and it is probably hard to speak in an American accent, but it was boderline Robert Pattison in Twilight in the first movie the way he talked.

Simon- Why is Simon so attractive? Alberto Rosende is the perfect Simon hands down. Simon was flawless and  his lines were so funny. I wanted more out of Simon, because I am falling in love with him. Also am I the only one who noticed Simon had a six pack when he changed his shirt? That is something I did not expect Simon to have. I have always pictured him scrawny and nerdy looking.

Alec- Matthew Daddario is so perfect as Alec. To me I pictured Alec to look something like this. But again the lines were cheesy, which is not their fault I just want new writers! Also their is no bromance between Jace and Alec. I hope as the season goes that they grow some kind of bond.

Isabelle- Emeraude Toubia is seriously gorgeous and she looks like Isabelle. My ownly problem with her is that she is not the badass that she is in the books! Isabelle doesn’t take crap and she is not used as a distraction.

If I did every character this review would be so long. I do not like Clary’s mom she feels generic and just another ABC Family mom. I felt no emotion from her and everything she did was flat. Valentine is perfect! I am so in love with the actor who was wonderful as King Henry in Regin. I also love that he still respects Jocelyn and does not want to harm her anymore than what was already done (although she did it to herself).

The CGI was cheesy, but this is probably a low budget so that was something I expected, the writing is often times corny but I have already said that a few times. I am hoping that with time the show grows stronger and gets better each episode. Usually first episodes are a little shaky so I am excited to see where this goes. I also giggled at the demons, what was going on with that?

Overall the first episodes gets a 3.5/5 stars. It was not terrible, but it was not great. I am also excited for Lady Midnight to come out, I thought I would throw that one out there. Have you guys seen the show? If so what are your thoughts on it?

Happy Reading,





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