Scribd Review


I recently decided to try out audiobooks, and after looking into a few different places to go to stream audiobooks I went with Scribd. Known as the Netflix for books, which it really is. Not only do you get audiobooks there is sheet music, ebooks and comic books. For $8.99 you get unlimited downloads and access to thousands of books.

What I Like About Scribd

  1. The amount of books that are available in audio format and in ebook format. I have actually finished the first two Game of Thrones audiobooks recently, which by the way are the most expensive audiobooks I have seen for download so I was excited to see that it was available with this streaming service.
  2. When I am in the mood for light reading I can go through the catalog for comics to help me through a slump or to just give me something new to read.
  3. It’s a great way to introduce me to new books or genres that I would probably never would have thought I would like or I would never discover.
  4. Did I mention unlimited downloads? Once a month you can get one audiobook, but the rest of what Scribd offers you is unlimited.
  5. Granted you don’t get to keep the books you finish, but it is still a great service. You also get to keep books as long as you want, there is no time period.

What I don’t Like About Scribd

  1. Even though there is a wide variety of reads, there are a lot of books not available for audio or ebook or even comic. I am sure that is due to the publishers and what not. It is sometimes a little disappointing.
  2. You only get one credit a month for audiobooks. Sometimes I finish an audiobook before the end of the month and I want another one, but I have to wait for the next time my payment goes through to a get new one. I can wait and everything, but sometimes it is a little annoying, because for another credit you have to pay an additional $8.99

Overall I am impressed by Scribd and enjoy it, nothing makes a commute to work better than listening to a good book or when yo don’t have a book with you, you can just pull out your phone and read an ebook. Like I ever leave the house without a book ha ha. I haven’t tried Amazon’s subscription service, so I cannot compare the two. With Scribd  you get a 14 day trial to play around to see if you like it or not, which is nice.

Happy Reading!


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