Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

I was watching some videos on YouTube and I saw the Unpopular Opinion Book Tag video and thought I would do it on this blog. The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag is a tag were well I share my opinion on things that people may or may not agree on. So lets get started!

1. A popular book or series you did not like.

For me this is going to have to be Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I tried so hard to get into the series and even read all the books in the series (it took me a year to read each one), I just couldn’t get into it.

2. A book series that everyone hates, but you love.

This is a tough one, because I am not sure if I have read anything people hate. But I will go with Red Queen on this one. I actually ended up liking the story, I didn’t love it but I did enjoy it. I am hoping it is a series that grows stronger as it goes.

3. A love triangle where the main character ends up with the person you didn’t want them to end up with.

I am going to go with Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, its really the only series that breaks my heart a little that it did not go my way.

4. A popular book genre you rarely reach for.

Contemporaries. It is not like they are bad or anything, I am more into fantasy and historical fiction.

5. A beloved character you didn’t like.

I am not sure if he is a beloved character, but I am going with Four from Divergent series. He was just dull to me and got annoying in Allegiance.

6. A popular beloved author you didn’t like.

John Green. I just had to get it out, I am not into John Green. I have tried so hard to see what people love about him, but I just feel no connection to anything. I did enjoy The Fault in Our Stars, but other than that everything else he has written has fallen flat to me.

7. Popular trope you’re tired of seeing.

There is a lot of things I am tired of seeing in YA, like for instance love triangles. One thing though I am tired of seeing is the boy who is not noticed who is love with the popular girl and somehow they end up together at the end. Or the bad boy turns good, because of a girl. Insert eye roll.

8.Popular series you have no interest in reading.

This is a tough one. I always give a series or a book a chance. I also never say I wont read something, because you never know I may end up liking it after all. For instance I thought I would hate TMI, but I ended up really enjoying it. However I do not see myself reading The 100, mainly because I started the show before I read the book and I love the show.

9. The saying goes, “the book is always better than the movie,” but what movie do you prefer more than the book?

Another tough one. I am going to go with the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. Don’t get me wrong, I love the book as well, it is one of my most recommended books. The movie is beautiful and I cannot help but swoon a little over it. Also the acting was wonderful. Th movie score is also just beautiful. It is a beautiful movie that is all. I also know that it did not follow the book all that well, but I still loved it.


January Wrap Up


New Feauture! I have debated on doing a wrap up weekly or just include it all into one big one. I decided to just do one big post about the whole month we will see if that stays the same or if I end up doing a weekly round up. So can we talk about what an incredible month it was for book readers? So many book-to-tv adapations and movies! Also so many great books were released, did you read any? I haven’t yet, because my TBR did not have any room for new books.

Book to TV shows:

Shannara Chronicles, Shadowhunters and Magicians came out this month. By the way watch Magicians it is so good! I will have a review up tomorrow, I still need to watch the second part of the first episode. Shannara Chronicles is pretty good and Shadowhunters is getting a little better with each episode.

Book to Movie:

The 5th Wave came out, which I have yet to see still or even read. Don’t judge me! It is on February’s TBR. But it looks good and I am looking forward to seeing the movie despite all the mixed reviews. Have you seen it? What are your thoughts on it?


This month I added another shelf to my room and so I can stop stacking books on both sides of the bed. Although they made a good night stand to put my phone and glasses, but now it is time to actually buy night stands now that I have the space ha ha. Of course now I need to take it easy with book buying, because I will be moving this summer and I cannot imagine what it will be like moving all these books and my massive Billy shelves. I hope my apartment has enough room for me and my books.



As you can see I lost my mind this month with book buying. It is official I am going on a ban after Glass Sword comes out until I get this TBR of mine under control. But 14 of the books I hauled this month were Manga books, so really it was not that bad… right?

Books Read:

The Book Thief 5/5 Stars

Clash of Kings 3.5/5 Stars

Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1 5/5 Stars

Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 2 5/5 Stars

The Bone Season 5/5 Stars

I had a pretty good reading month considering that I watched a lot of series and finshed season 2 of Game of Thrones. What was your favourite read out of January? Mine was hands down The Book Thief, I cannot stop talking about it or recommending it to everyone. I am ashamed that I had not read it sooner, but at least I did read it.

Happy Reading,