January Wrap Up


New Feauture! I have debated on doing a wrap up weekly or just include it all into one big one. I decided to just do one big post about the whole month we will see if that stays the same or if I end up doing a weekly round up. So can we talk about what an incredible month it was for book readers? So many book-to-tv adapations and movies! Also so many great books were released, did you read any? I haven’t yet, because my TBR did not have any room for new books.

Book to TV shows:

Shannara Chronicles, Shadowhunters and Magicians came out this month. By the way watch Magicians it is so good! I will have a review up tomorrow, I still need to watch the second part of the first episode. Shannara Chronicles is pretty good and Shadowhunters is getting a little better with each episode.

Book to Movie:

The 5th Wave came out, which I have yet to see still or even read. Don’t judge me! It is on February’s TBR. But it looks good and I am looking forward to seeing the movie despite all the mixed reviews. Have you seen it? What are your thoughts on it?


This month I added another shelf to my room and so I can stop stacking books on both sides of the bed. Although they made a good night stand to put my phone and glasses, but now it is time to actually buy night stands now that I have the space ha ha. Of course now I need to take it easy with book buying, because I will be moving this summer and I cannot imagine what it will be like moving all these books and my massive Billy shelves. I hope my apartment has enough room for me and my books.



As you can see I lost my mind this month with book buying. It is official I am going on a ban after Glass Sword comes out until I get this TBR of mine under control. But 14 of the books I hauled this month were Manga books, so really it was not that bad… right?

Books Read:

The Book Thief 5/5 Stars

Clash of Kings 3.5/5 Stars

Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 1 5/5 Stars

Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 2 5/5 Stars

The Bone Season 5/5 Stars

I had a pretty good reading month considering that I watched a lot of series and finshed season 2 of Game of Thrones. What was your favourite read out of January? Mine was hands down The Book Thief, I cannot stop talking about it or recommending it to everyone. I am ashamed that I had not read it sooner, but at least I did read it.

Happy Reading,



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